4th Annual Masquerade Ball

Proceeds to benefit

HELP for KIDS: An Exchange Club Parenting Skills Center

for the prevention of child abuse and neglect

Your donations make a difference!

HELP for KIDS' average cost of a home based program is $2,500 for up to six months of treatment for one family and provides families with a lifetime of skills to stop the cycle of abuse.

For every child not put into Foster Care this saves Connecticut's taxpayers between $10,000- $20,000 for the same six months.


Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, HELP for KIDS is a 501(c)(3) organization serving all of Southern Connecticut.   The Stamford-based non-profit (previously known as the Exchange Club Parenting Skills Center) keeps local children safe while working to build stronger, more resilient, and more loving families. The Center’s team of experienced parent educators has assisted over 10,000 Fairfield County children since its founding and serves hundreds of at-risk families every year.  Its philosophy is to halt the cycle of abuse and neglect by strengthening at-risk families with highly-effective, home-based intervention services and programs.  The Center’s offices are located at 141 Franklin Street in Stamford. 

Read about our nationally recognized Fatherhood Initiative by selecting the link below:


National Fatherhood Initiative - Interview with Center’s Donna Miller:

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